Yvette Kaplan Jewelry

Custom Designed Handcrafted Jewelry
About the Artist
Yvette was born in Hungary and escaped after the Soviets crushed the Revolution in 1956.  She chose Freedom.  Freedom leads to creativity.  Creativity leads to Art.  She chose to become a Jewelry Artist to express herself.
Yvette's life experiences motivated her art of designing and creating jewelry for over forty five years.  Each piece she makes captures the theme she has carried with her.

Yvette works with gold, silver, and vermeil (sterling silver with 18K gold heavy plating) using many different techniques, such as fabricating, lost wax casting, developing shapes and textures.  She likes to work with stones and enameling, letting the motif of the piece emerge.  The enamels are on pure silver or gold using brilliant colors.  The result is a miniature watercolor adorning a piece of jewelry.
Yvette wants to create something to treasure for a lifetime.   In her vision jewelry is a personal statement.
It must be as unique as the person who wears it and the one who creates it.  

Yvette's other passion is travel.  She is a professional Tour Director and takes advantage of her travels around the world to learn history, art, craft, and designs from different cultures.

Her professional goals are not different from her personal ambitions.  Always,  Freedom.
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